Tour De Pirkka consists of four big sports events in Tampere area: Pirkka Ski Race, Pirkka Cycling, Pirkka Rowing and Pirkka Forest Run. When you participate in all these events during the same calendar year (ski 90 km, cycle min. 134 km, row [all series] and jogging [all series] you will be nominated “Pirkankiertäjä”. The Tour De Pirkka events have offered motivation to move for over 40 years. The events challenge people of all ages to move and exercise different kinds of sports. Set your own goals now and sign up for our events!
With this special package you can sign up for all four events (Pirkka Ski race 90 km, Cycling 134 or 217 km, Rowing 12,5, 25 or 35 km, Forest Run 33 km). In Pirkka Rowing it includes a place in a church boat. Package also includes Pirkankiertäjä-present; a special medal, certificate and cloth patch which will be given after Pirkka Forest Run.
The package is still available in our web store this weekend so act now!