Lassi Raami has done the Tour De Pirkka twice. On the years 2014 and 2017 he had already been involved with Pirkka Cycling, Rowing and Jogging, but after the army Lassi hasn´t skied at all. On those years Pirkka Ski Race was cancelled and Tour De Pirkka was done without it.

Last autumn Lassi won a free participation to this years Tour and was nearly forced to ski again. With equipments borrowed from his father, with two months practising and that famous “Sisu” as we Finns call it, Lassi made it with the total time 11:05:06.

After 90 km skiing there are still 1278 persons who can become Pirkankiertäjä 2018. On June Pirkka Cycling 134 or 217 km, on July Rowing 12,5-35 km and on Oktober Jogging 33 km. After crossing the finish line all those who will do all these four events will be nominated as Pirkankiertäjä.

90 km skiers