January 2024

Instructions to Pirkka Cycling

2024-05-24T08:46:14+02:0024.01.2024|Pirkka Cycling, Tour De Pirkka|

INSTRUCTIONS MENUS AT SERVICE POINTS START TIMES DISTRIBUTION OF NUMBERS Saturday, June 8th, at Hakametsä Ice Hall from 3 PM to 7 PM and Sunday morning, June 9th, starting at 6:30 AM. The numbers are sorted alphabetically. There is clear signage at the ice hall for number [...]

April 2020

December 2018

August 2018

Our Gravel Grinding route once again

2018-08-31T11:01:14+02:0031.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Cycling team Kaupin Kanuunat will drive app. 184 km "Gravel-Pirkka" track once again on Saturday 8th Oktober. More information gives Timo Lampila (email: teelampila(at)gmail.com) and you can sign in here. Event is NOT part of Pirkka Cycling.

Pirkka Cycling final results

2018-08-03T11:47:13+02:0002.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Pirkka Cycling's final results are now available at results page You can also find an album of photos from our Google Photo archive https://photos.app.goo.gl/uJTRC47Z4crqAbBJ6 More photos available at Sportfoto. You can find/search photos by participant name: https://www.sportfoto.com/fi-fi/41-pirkan-pyoraily/3424 PS. Taking part in Pirkka Cycling 2019 (with an exception [...]

June 2018

Late entries and list of participants

2018-06-08T16:12:33+02:0007.06.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Late entries are possible at the Hakametsä Ice Hockey hall on Saturday from 3PM to 7PM and on Sunday morning starting from 7AM Pitkä Pirkka 217 km, 65€ Klassikko 134 km, 60€ (start groups 8.40 and 9.00) Pirkan Pyhä 40 km, 25€/person, 45€/family Lilliputti 4 km, 17€/person, [...]

May 2018

Official participant list

2018-05-31T11:56:57+02:0024.05.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Here you can find all those who are already involved with Pirkka 2018. Race numbers are delivered by mail (in Finland) next week. After this, all the changes (start groups for example) can be made in race office before the event. Pirkka Cycling, participants (entries before May [...]

Greetings from Rattaralli

2018-05-18T09:27:37+02:0018.05.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

37th Tartu Rattaralli is the biggest road cycling event in the Eastern Europe. The program also includes Tartu Rattaralli children's races which are the biggest cycling events for children in the world. Legendary Estonian road cycling event Tartu Rattaralli will take place on the last Sunday of May on [...]

Information about the routes

2018-05-18T09:03:52+02:0018.05.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

It has been "hard" winter for the routes, there has been many pits to fill in this year. But the job is nearly done. Some major issues there is already to tell: Pitkä Pirkka, Pirkka`s Tour 217 km goes not through Maisematie from Nokia to Hämeenkyrö because [...]

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