August 2018

Our Gravel Grinding route once again

2018-08-31T11:01:14+02:0031.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Cycling team Kaupin Kanuunat will drive app. 184 km "Gravel-Pirkka" track once again on Saturday 8th Oktober. More information gives Timo Lampila (email: teelampila(at) and you can sign in here. Event is NOT part of Pirkka Cycling.

Pirkka Cycling final results

2018-08-03T11:47:13+02:0002.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Pirkka Cycling's final results are now available at results page You can also find an album of photos from our Google Photo archive More photos available at Sportfoto. You can find/search photos by participant name: PS. Taking part in Pirkka Cycling 2019 (with an exception [...]

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