April 2018

Do you share the passion of trail?

2018-04-06T11:31:28+02:0006.04.2018|Pirkka Jogging|

Now it is good time to make some plans for the running season. Trailrunning Finland web site gathers Finnish trail running events in one calender. Open orienteering evenings are already started. Every week you can choose a route that suites for your orienteering skills. Within Tampere region [...]

Pirkka Cycling welcomes you!

2019-03-13T12:20:44+02:0005.04.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

You can now make your entry to Pirkka Cycling in our web store. For our foreign guests who dont have Finnish bank account we have a special offer. You can make entries by email toimisto(at)pirkankierros.fi and pay the entry fees either beforehand or at the starting place. [...]

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