February 2018

Waxing recommendations by Start

2018-02-28T14:43:08+02:0028.02.2018|Pirkka Ski Race|

Start shares last minute tips with the ski waxing in local sport shops. Timetables of demonstrations on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3th are found on Startex own facebook pages. Waxing recommendations  are also published, only in finnish (pdf)

Instructions for participants

2018-02-28T14:44:42+02:0028.02.2018|Pirkka Ski Race|

You can load and read special instructions here List of participants (updated February 28th) In a article picture they are making tracks in 1970. Don´t worry: these days it looks completely different!

45th Tartu Maraton on Sunday 18th

2018-04-05T11:54:11+02:0013.02.2018|Tour De Pirkka|

Tartu Maraton’s organizers decided today that the 45th Tartu Maraton will take place on the original 63 km track from Otepää to Elva. „The decision that the 45th Tartu Maraton will be held as planned is based on the current course’s situation and a favorable weather forecast,“ [...]

Updated participant list

2018-02-09T13:46:41+02:0009.02.2018|Tour De Pirkka|

Nearly 1200 participants are already in! If you are not involved yet: For those who make their entries before February 16th we are posting the race material before the race (in FInland). This way you don´t have to pick up your race bib before the start. Participants [...]

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