ScanMagazineTOUR DE PIRKKA, in the spirit of the finnish "SISU"

Tour De Pirkka includes Pirkka Skiing, Cycling, Rowing and Jogging. If you participate to all our events during the same calender year and ski 90km, cycle 134km, row 33km and jogg 35km, you will be nominated as a "Pirkankiertäjä".

The first Tour was arrenged at 1980. A model then was "En svensk klassikern" in Sweden. There are still 17 men, who have succesfully managed to go through all the 36 tours with 144 different events. This includes over 3240 km skiing, 4824km cycling, 1260 km rowing and 1188 km jogging.

Over 300 persons participate Tour De Pirkka yearly. You are warmly welcomed to join us! The price for the hole Tour before January 31st is 180 euros. You can also registrate to all four events one by one.

Here´s the information of our four different events in english.

Don´t be afraid to ask more!

Pirkka Ski Race on March

Pirkka Cycling on June

Pirkka Rowing on July

Pirkka Jogging on October

Pirkan Kierroksen

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