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tour de pirkka

Tour De Pirkka

Tour De Pirkka consists of four big sports events in Tampere area: Pirkka Ski Race, Pirkka Cycling, Pirkka Rowing and Pirkka Jogging. When you participate in all these events during the same calendar year (ski 90 km, cycle min. 134 km, row [all series] and jogging [all series] you will be nominated “Pirkankiertäjä”. The Tour De Pirkka events have offered motivation to move for over 40 years. The events challenge people of all ages to move and exercise different kinds of sports. Set your own goals now and sign up for our events!

In the spirit of Finnish “SISU” – Let’s move together!

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Live GPS-tracking for Pirkka Rowing

19.07.2018|Pirkka Rowing|

The 40th Anniversary Pirkka Rowing together with offers you for the very first time a live-tracking on your smartphone. PARTICIPANT: Download the racemap app from your app store and open it. You'll find two options from the upcoming events [...]

Late entries and list of participants

07.06.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Late entries are possible at the Hakametsä Ice Hockey hall on Saturday from 3PM to 7PM and on Sunday morning starting from 7AM Pitkä Pirkka 217 km, 65€ Klassikko 134 km, 60€ (start groups 8.40 and 9.00) Pirkan Pyhä 40 [...]

Pirkka Cycling – Instructions for participants

06.06.2018|Pirkka Cycling, Tour De Pirkka|

Instructions for Pirkka Cycling participants are now online. Some of the routes are not yet confirmed because of the ongoing and constantly progressing road works. Pirkka Cycling 2018 instructions The menu of the service points can be seen on the [...]

Official participant list

24.05.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Here you can find all those who are already involved with Pirkka 2018. Race numbers are delivered by mail (in Finland) next week. After this, all the changes (start groups for example) can be made in race office before the [...]