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tour de pirkka

Tour De Pirkka

Tour De Pirkka consists of four big sports events in Tampere area: Pirkka Ski Race, Pirkka Cycling, Pirkka Rowing and Pirkka Jogging. When you participate in all these events during the same calendar year (ski 90 km, cycle min. 134 km, row [all series] and jogging [all series] you will be nominated “Pirkankiertäjä”. The Tour De Pirkka events have offered motivation to move for over 40 years. The events challenge people of all ages to move and exercise different kinds of sports. Set your own goals now and sign up for our events!

In the spirit of Finnish “SISU” – Let’s move together!

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Our Gravel Grinding route once again

31.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Cycling team Kaupin Kanuunat will drive app. 184 km "Gravel-Pirkka" track once again on Saturday 8th Oktober. More information gives Timo Lampila (email: teelampila(at) and you can sign in here. Event is NOT part of Pirkka Cycling.

Attraction of Pirkka Rowing is growing (Results after the event)

02.08.2018|Tour De Pirkka|

After Wednesdays Trip Rowing  it´s time to make a calculation of the total amount of participants. There was almost 1000 who grossed the finish line. This is 10 people more than year before, so it gives us reason to say, [...]

Pirkka Cycling final results

02.08.2018|Pirkka Cycling|

Pirkka Cycling's final results are now available at results page You can also find an album of photos from our Google Photo archive More photos available at Sportfoto. You can find/search photos by participant name: PS. Taking part [...]

The participants for Pirkka Rowing (except Second Wave)

25.07.2018|Tour De Pirkka|

The participants and the boats are now listed and numbered for Pirkka Rowing including Church boats, Fitness, Kayak and Airon Män series. The participants for Second Wave series will be announced later. Please let us know if there's any information [...]