66th Pirkka Ski Race on Sunday the 6th of March 2022  and Pirkka Backpack Ski on Saturday 12th of March


SERIES Before 31.1. 1.-24.2. Late entries
Pirkan Hiihto 90 km 75 € 85 € 100 €
Retki-Pirkka 52 km 40 € 45 € 50 €
Retki-Pirkka, born in 2002-2008 28 € 32 € 35 €
Puoli-Pirkka 45 km 48 € 53 € 65 €
Puoli-Pirkka, born in 2002-2008 29 € 33 € 40 €
Relay/team 80 € 80 €
Reppuhiihto 90 km 12.3. 47 € 47 € 55 €
Puoli-Reppuhiihto 52 km 12.3. 25 € 25 € 30 €
Relay/team Reppuhiihto 12.3. 60 € 60 €

Those who have Juoksija magazines own card will have discount of 5 euros when entrying before the event.

If the event must be cancelled due to force majeure or other extraordinarily difficult circumstances, the organiser reserves the right to keep a percentage of the entry fees to cover some of the existing costs and the expenses caused by returning the entrance fees.


  • Ski wax self-service at service points*
  • Refreshments at the service points along the course and at the finish*
  • Transportation of clothes and other belongings from the start to the finish
  • Sauna and swimming in Kaleva indoor swimming hall after the race / chance to shower in Kyröskoski at Tour-Pirkka’s finish
  • Medals for those who complete the race + ski stickers
  • Prizes for the top three in every series**
  • Race number
  • Medical service
  • Turva accident insurance
  • Trophies for all the participants in Semi-Pirkka junior series

*Reppuhiihto has only one service point in Kyröskoski.
**Apart from Retki-Pirkka, Reppuhiihto and Relay/Team.


Registration for the event: https://pirkanhiihto.tapahtumiin.fi/fi/

You can sign up for all our events by using our web store. In January you can also make the entry to Tour De Pirkka. Registration via web store supports only Finnish bank accounts. Entries to Neliveto-relay can be made only via email. Online registration ends February 23rd, 2020.

Foreigners can also make entries by email toimisto(at)pirkankierros.fi. For them, it’s possible to make the payment beforehand or at the starting place. In every case, we observe the date when your registration has arrived, although the actual payment can happen also at the starting place. If you wish to pay beforehand, here is the international information of our bank account:

via Swift: Pirkan Hiihto, Lindforsinkatu 5, 33720 Tampere
IBAN nr: FI98 5730 0860 9320 74 with OP Bank (Osuuspankki) plc, Finland
Swift address: OKOYFIHH


If you have paid the entry fees before February 9th you’ll receive a race number, ski stickers and participant guide beforehand via mail (in Finland). Otherwise they will be available to pick up from Teivo race office on Saturday or from Niinisalo or Hämeenkyrö race office on Sunday before the start.



SUN 6.3. TO NIINISALO (10 €)  TIME (classic)  TIME (free)
Nokian Uimahalli 4.30 8.30
Tampere Central Square, near the Old Church 4.40 8.40
Teivo Racetrack 4.55 8.55
Kyröskoski Matkahuolto 5.15 9.15
Tampere Central Square, near the Old Church 8.15 12.00
Teivo Racetrack 8.30 12.15

During and after the race:

  • Transportation of personal belongings from start to finish. Follow signs marked “REPUT” (rucksacks) or “VARUSTEET” (equipment) to leave your bag. There are two separate locations with signs in Niinisalo for bags that are transported to Kyröskoski (Tour Pirkka’s finish) and Teivo (Pirkka 90 km finish)
  • Transportation of discontinued skiers from service points to finish
  • Free Shuttle bus Kyröskoski – Teivo
  • Transportation from Teivo to Kaleva swimming hall leaves in every 30 minutes starting from 00.30 PM. With these same buses it is possible to get also to the center of Tampere.  The last bus leaves from Teivo  at 7.30 PM.


The school of Niinisalo is closed in 2019 and is no longer available for accommodation.

A substitutive accommodation is available at the school of Jämijärvi (approximately 20 km from Niinisalo).

The accommodation and transports are organized by Välimatkat Oy. Mattresses are available at the school of Jämijärvi as well as possibility to buy soup and breakfast. Also available is Pyörä-Sampo’s ski service.

The bus to Jämijärvi starts from Tampere center on Saturday 6.45 PM and from Teivo 7 PM. The next day there’s transportations from Jämijärvi to Niinisalo’s starting area.

The accommodation service with transportations is available to pre-order (20 €) at online store (“lisäpalvelut”)

The service is also available during the Pirkan Hiihto ski race at the price of 25 euros.

For more information

Jouni Välisalo / 045 638 5101


There are 12 service and refreshment points along the 90km track: Kuninkaanlähde, Jämi, Varpee, Vatula, Lentokenttä, Kyröskoski, Lintuharju, Hietaniemen Saha, Äkönmaa, Pentinmaa, Topintupa and Pikku-Ahvenisto. Each of them have fruit juice, water and Squeezy sports drink on offer. (Apart from no sports drink at Pikku-Ahvenisto) Also raisins, gurkin, blueberry soup, oat gruel and bread are served. Kyröskoski also has meat soup on offer. You can look the menu here.

Service point closing times: Kyröskoski 4 PM. and Pentinmaa 6 PM. If you get to the service point after the closing time, you must discontinue the race. The organiser transports these participants to the finish area.

There are also observation points along the track. The skiing style of the skiers is observed and participants overtaking others are logged to prevent any deceits.


  • When you cross the finish line you receive a medal of Pirkan Hiihto and possible prizes depending on your placing
  • The clothes and other belongings you left at the start can be found inside the toto hall
  • Shower and sauna are available near in Lamminpää Ski cottage. The entry fee also includes sauna and swimming possibility at Kaleva Swimming Center and Nokian Uimahalli. Please show your race number for free entry. Kaleva Swimming Center is open 10 AM to 9 PM (last entrance 7.45 p.m.) and Nokian uimahalli 0.30 PM to 4 PM (last entrance 3 PM). There is a bus route from the finish line to Kalevan uintikeskus. After 7.30 PM there’s no transport back to finish line
  • Pirkan Hiihto reserves the right to use images taken during the event for its own marketing and communication purposes
  • The results can be found afterwards from the website of Pirkan Kierros. For a printed copy of the results please contact our office


f you cancel your participation we will not refund your entry fee. A medical certificate (due an illness or injury etc.) must be provided to us in order to push your participation for the following year.

If the event must be cancelled due to force majeure or other extraordinarily difficult circumstances, the organiser reserves the right to keep 30 % of the entry fees to cover some of the existing costs and the expenses caused by returning the entrance fees.

Other rules considering the race:

  • Only the classic technique is permitted starting at 7 AM
  • A skier is not entitled to demand another skier to give way
  • The changing of skis during the race is not allowed (concerns the competition skiers)
  • When crossing roads skiers must absolutely follow the traffic instructions of the road officials
  • Foreign Pirkka skiers participate at their own risk
  • The participant number is personal and cannot be used by another skier. If a participant wishes to transfer his number to another skier, it must be announced to our office before the start