The main track, Pirkka, is 90 km long, it is one of the longest one day ski races in Finland. We also have a 52 km track Tour-Pirkka (Retki-Pirkka) and a 45 km track Semi-Pirkka (Puoli-Pirkka). We also offer a possibility to take the 90 km challenge with a team. In Neliveto-Relay the 90 km track can be freely divided between 2-4 team members. Pirkka Backpack Skiing (Reppuhiihto) takes place Saturday 11th March. There also will be Tour-Pirkka 52 km and Neliveto-Relay in Reppuhiihto on March 11th.

From 1955 to this day, Pirkka Ski Race 90 km has been cancelled twice in 2014 there was hardly any snow and 2021 due COVID19 pandemic cancellations were inevitable.



The start is at Niinisalo; classic at 7 AM and free technique at 11 AM. The start groups are according to the ski stickers. There is about a 700 m walk along the road after Kyröskoski service point (See “kävelyosuus” on the track profile below). There are 12 service points along the route. The finish is located at Teivo Racetrack and it will be closed at 8 PM. The age limit for Pirkka Ski Race 90 km is 18 years of age. Also a satisfactory physical condition is required. The series for Pirkka are: Men (under 40 years), men 40, men 50, men 60, women (under 45 years) and women 45. (Women 45 only classic technique).

This shortest track is the hardest part of our 90 km track. Also juniors (12-18 years) are allowed to take part in this race. The start is at 10 AM classic and at 2 PM free technique from Hämeenkyrö service point, at the half way statue. The finish is located at Teivo racetrack and it is closed at 8 PM. There are series for women, men, boys and girls (12-18 years).

There is no time taking, nor race series. With only about 300 participants we can assure you can get your own private experience in the nature if you so wish. The start at Niinisalo Garrison Area is from 6 AM to 7.30 AM. The finish at Lamminpää Ulkoilumaja (skiing cottage near Teivo) is closed at 8 PM. There is only one service point, so be sure to pack your own snacks with you. There are a few cafés along the route. Your belongings are transported from start to finish.

There will be also possibility for half distance (52 km from Niinisalo to Kyröskoski) and Neliveto-relay.

This track is the easiest part of our 90 km track. Also juniors (12-18 years) are allowed to take part in this race. The start from Niinisalo is at 7 AM. classic and at 11 AM free technique. The finish is at Kyröskoski service point which closes at 6 PM. There is only two series for all skiers: classic and free.

Pirkan Hiihto can be completed as a team with up to four members. The 90 km tour can be splitted between team members freely as long as the first member starts from Niinisalo and the last member cross the finish line in Teivo. All the team members will be awarded with medals. Team should take care of transportations to their chosen exchange marks.

The start is at the garrison in Niinisalo, Kankaanpää. Classic starts at 7 AM and free at 11 AM. The finishing line is at Teivo racetrack. It’s closed at 20 PM.

2-4 member teams, freely splitted 90 km track, classic/free. Under 12 twelve years can participate under parental consent. Registration to relay team via email by using the from found on the website, please.

In case of bad snow situation, there is a plan B: Forest Pirkka (Kangas-Pirkka) 60-80 km will be held in Jämi where snow is most likely if anywhere. If necessary, switching to Forest Pirkka will be announced on Monday February 27th.