Pirkka Cycling welcomes you all to enjoy the atmosphere of Finland’s biggest cycling event! Usually we have over 3000 participants. You can choose between four different tracks: Pirkka Tour 217 km, Classic Tour 134 km, Pirkka’s Pyhä 40 km and “The Little one” 4 km.
Pirkka Night Cycling Event takes place Friday June 14th 2024.



The start is at 7.20 AM (average speed groups first). The fastest cyclists make it to the finish line in under 6 hours, but the maximum race time is 12,5 hours. There are 8 service points along the track.

You can take part in special average speed groups with the average speed 36, 34, 32, 30 or 28 km/h. Every group has its own leader to maintain the speed. These groups are lead by Kaupin Kanuunat ry, a local cycling club. The groups are filled in the order of registration, max 45 people in one group. It is also possible to cycle “without clock” with your own speed.

Pirkka Tour (217 km) goes from Tampere through Ylöjärvi, Hämeenkyrö, Kuru, Murole and Terälahti around Lake Näsijärvi, ending in Tampere.

The start is at 8.00 AM. There are 5 service points along the route. With Classic Tour it is possible to choose a start group according to a collective target time (under 5h at 8 AM, under 6h at 8.20 AM, under 7h at 8.40 AM. and under 8h at 9.00 AM). These groups have no leaders. Groups starting after that have no target times.

Classic Tour (134 km) goes from Tampere through Ylöjärvi, Kuru, Murole and Terälahti around Lake Näsijärvi, ending in Tampere.

The start will be on Friday June 18th. There is one service point along the route.

The route suits for all those, who haven’t cycled so much. The route goes mainly along pedestrian walkways, so it fits also for the young members of the family.

Will take place on Friday June 18t. The Little One is suitable for little children and those with different cycling challenges.

Idyllic Night Cycling around Lake Näsijärvi is getting more popular every year. Over 300 participants enjoy of the calm, light and peace of the Finnish summer night with the 134 km track.

Night Cycling is held on Friday-Saturday night, one week after Pirkka Cycling. No time taking, no rush, just a Finnish summer night as beautiful and light as it can be. The start is at Hakametsä Ice Hockey Hall on Friday evening at 9 PM. and the finish is closed at 6 AM. on Saturday morning. The route is the same as Classic Tour in Pirkka Cycling. The only service point is in Murole, where a soup meal is served. Our event office at the Ice hall opens at 8 PM.

You can also participate with rollerskates to Pirkka and Classic tracks.